About Us

NOKTA OTOMASYON MAKİNA ve İNŞ.SAN.TİC.A.Ş. was established in 2006 as an automation company.

Nokta makina started its operation in this sector by performing the supply and automation works of packing machines as well as the materials of such wafer line machines as wafer oven, sheet cooling, cream spreading, block cooling and wafer cutting machines.

Meanwhile, it produced automation- and system-weighted machines in various sectors. It started then - relying on its own knowledge, skills and experience - to produce packaging machines as well as other machines in automatic wafer line and automatic product feeding systems which could compete with Europe

   It offers to its customers for horizontal packaging (flowpack) machines some designs and up-to-date technologies which are equivalent to advanced product technologies, based on speed and necessary for packing the products coming from customer line in an untouched way as well as offering multi-dimensional solutions with its one-, two-, three-, four- and thirteen servo-machines. 

Fast packaging machines and mobile jaw packing machines which enable packaging in different product sizes and at different speeds continue to offer customer-oriented services with their feeding systems compatible with all production lines working at different paces. 

Chocolate feeding system, biscuits feeding system, their fast packing systems, wafer feeding system, its flowpack packaging system and inline feeding systems used for cake packing are all operated with automatic feeding systems.

Nokta Makina ensures its machines to work more seamlessly and reduces manpower to the lowest level thanks to the importance it attaches to its technological investments and R&D studies.

Nokta Makina proved its experience in meeting customer demands with its high quality and advanced technology wafer machines, horizontal packaging machines as well as its automatic feeding systems. 

Nokta Makina attained enough quality level to compete with European companies thanks to the attention and importance it attributed to mechanical dimension, design and materials of all machines it is producing. Besides, it ensures sustainable improvement and development by following up all up-to-date techniques and technologies (pneumatic, electric, electronic and robot systems etc.).