About Us

Nokta Makina who has 30 years of engineering experience started the packaging machinery and wafer line business in 2006 by providing wafer line machine material supply and automation work such as cooling of wafer lines. sheets, cream spreading, block cooling, block cutting. With the fully automatic packaging machines and wafer lines that we are currently producing, we are the industry leader in Turkey and one of the most important company in the world. In accordance with customer satisfaction, which is the basis of strong brand awareness, each machine is manufactured with high reliability and performance.

We use the necessary designs and advanced technologies in our horizontal packaging machines to package the products from the customer line according to quality and speed without human intervention. Nokta Makina, one of the few companies to manufacture automation systems within its own structure, offers versatile solutions with its servo-motorized packaging machines.

Fast packaging machines and mobile jaw packaging machines that provide packaging in different sizes and speeds of products continue to provide customer satisfaction driven service with feeding systems suitable for all production lines. operating at different speeds.

Nokta Makina has done all of its infrastructure since its inception, which is the motto of the 21st century. It has developed on the “Digital Transformation”, and proved its difference in the market of packaging machines and automation systems by strengthening its place in a short time. We are proud to reach many manufacturers in Turkey and around the world and to be a solution partner with our new systems as we combine our engineering experience with our machinery manufacturing experience.

Thanks to its technological investments and the importance it attaches to R&D studies, it ensures the proper functioning of its machines and reduces the workforce to a minimum.

Nokta Makina has adapted to Industry 4.0 which is described as the fourth generation of the industrial revolution, that is to say with technology nowadays, inexpensive, less bulky and less energy while having highly reliable materials.

Our aim is to provide production lines and power systems aimed at minimizing the time and waste of products in large and medium enterprises with  ”smart factories” that can produce using cyber-physical systems on our machines in the production process almost independent.

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